Greenstar i

Output 25.0kW 30.0kW
Flow Rate 10.2 ltr/min 12.3 ltr/min

Greenstar Si Compact

Output 25.0kW 30.0kW
Flow Rate 10.2 ltr/min 12.3 ltr/min

Greenstar CDi Compact

Model 28CDi 32CDi 36CDi
Output 28.0kW 32.0kW 36.0kW
Flow Rate 11.4 ltr/min 13.1 ltr/min 14.7 ltr/min

Greenstar CDi Classic

Model 29CDi 34CDi 38CDi 42CDi
Output 30.9kW 35.0kW 40.0kW 42.0kW
Flow Rate 12.3 ltr/min 14.3 ltr/min 16.4 ltr/min 17.2 ltr/min

Greenstar CDi Highflow

Model 440CDi 550CDi
Output 29.5kW 41.1kW
Flow Rate 20.0 ltr/min 25.0 ltr/min

WAVE. Control on the go. (on mobile)

The Wave smart control is the first of a new generation of Worcester controls. The Wave is a smart, internet-connected programmable control for central heating and hot water which can be operated using a smart phone or tablet.

Greenstar i System (9kW to 24kW)

System 9i 12i 15i 18i 21i 24i
Output 9.0kW 12.0kW 15.0kW 18.0kW 21.0kW 24.0kW
System 9i 12i 15i
Output 9.0kW 12.0kW 15.0kW
System 18i 21i 24i
Output 18.0kW 21.0kW 24.0kW

Greenstar i System (27kW & 30kW)

System 27i 30i
Output 27.0kW 30.0kW

Greenstar CDi Classic 

System 30CDi 35CDi
Output 30.0kW 34.0kW


System 50kW 65kW
Output 49.9kW 65.0kW

Range of hot water cylinders

Greenstar CDi Classic regular

System 30CDi 40CDi
Output 30.0kW 40.0kW

Greenstar FS CDi Regular

System 30CDi 42CDi
Output 30.0kW 40.8kW

MagnaCleanse by Adey

A fast and effective flushing process for central heating systems, gives installers everything needed for the MagnaCleanse process or a system power flush.

Greenstar Ri 

System 12Ri 15Ri 18Ri 24Ri
Output 12.0kW 15.0kW 18.0kW 24.0kW

Greenstar Ri (27kW and 30kW)

System 27Ri 30Ri
Output 27.0kW 30.0kW

SpiroTrap MB3 by Spirotech

Introducing the SpiroTrap MB3 which fuses unrivalled ease of installation, reliability and exceptional non-magnetic and magnetic filtration.