Boiler Controls

Boiler controls make a big difference to your heating system. With our condensing boilers already operating at peak efficiency, our range of controls gives you an additional way of boosting your system's overall performance.

 Worcester boiler controls give you the ability to precisely manage your system, as opposed to older controls which simply turn your boiler on and off. By completing your Worcester system with a matching Worcester control, you can fine tune your comfort levels while also reducing your gas usage, so that you only pay for what you need when you need it.

Options for everyone

Our easy to use controls include everything from traditional mechanical clock timers to internet-connected smart controls that can be managed from anywhere in the world. Simple mechanical clock timers switch your boiler on and off at the times you select, with the same times repeated every day. Digital controls give you more options, enabling you to set different times for different days of the week, which can be particularly useful for weekends.

Intelligent controls achieve considerable energy savings and therefore lower bills. As well as responding to your time settings, they include clever features such as an ability to monitor outdoor temperatures and adjust the boiler's output to make it moire fuel-efficient. The Wave, our new smart control, has even more control and efficiency features that can be operated remotely using a compatible smart device.

Timers and programmers

A boiler timer is a basic device that allows you to set specific times for your central heating system to come on and turn-off, with the same times typically repeated every day. A boiler programmer allows you to set your heating (and sometimes hot water) to switch on and off at different times, and on different days, so your boiler best suits your lifestyle.

Room thermostats

A room thermostat monitors the air temperature and enables you to set the level you find comfortable. If the room temperature drops below this level, the thermostat switches your boiler on and if gets too hot in the room, it turns it off.

Programmable room thermostats

A programmable room thermostat is both a boiler programmer and a room thermostat; it allows you to set different room temperatures for different times of the day and night. When programmed correctly, it prevents the system from having to heat your home from a cold start, with the boiler simply 'topping up' the temperature, which saves energy and improves comfort.

We also offer a range of wireless programmable room thermostats. These are a good option if you prefer not to have wires running between your thermostat and boiler or if the boiler is not readily accessible, such as in a loft space or garage.

Load compensation

The load compensation feature adjusts the temperature of the heat going to your radiators. When a room is cold the temperature will be high, but as the room warms up and less heat is needed, it lowers the temperature so that comfort is maintained but energy use is reduced.

Weather compensation

The weather compensation feature also adjusts the temperature if the heat going to your radiators.l However, it does so in keeping with the outside temperature. An outdoor sensor or an internet location postcode search (Worcester Bosch Wave only) allows the control to monitor the weather, with the radiators running hotter if temperatures outside drop, ensuring a comfortable home.

Intelligent smart controls

Hive Active Heating

The UK's favourite wireless thermostat, Hive is a fusion of form and function. It's the clever way to control your heating and hot water, at home or from your phone.

Switch your heating on and off, up or down and set temperatures. If you want to extend your heating outside your usual heating schedule, just use the boost button.

Turn your hot water on and off for those times when you need it, you can boost your hot water for up to six hours.

  • Switch your heating on and off, up or down and set temperatures. If you want to extend your heating outside your usual heating schedule, just use the boost button.
  • Turn your hot water on and off for those times when you need it, you can boost your hot water for up to six hours.
  • Based on your phone’s location, we'll send you reminders to turn your heating on before you get home, or off if you’ve left it on when you go out.
  • Set heating and hot water schedules to fit in with your life. You can set between one and six time slots a day.
  • Automatically activates when your heating's off and the temperature inside your home dips below 7°C. Helps to protect pipes from freezing.
  • Set your holiday dates and your heating will go to sleep until you return so you can always come back to a warm home.

Nest Learning Thermostat

The brighter way to save energy.
The 3rd-gen Nest Learning Thermostat. It has new rings and a big, sharp display. And hot water control.

It lights up to show you the temperature, weather or time. You can even choose a digital or analogue clock face. Farsight is big and bright on the beautiful display that you can see it from across the room.

Shows you how much energy you use every day in Energy History and every month in your Home Report. So you can see when you use more energy, such as at the weekend or Monday nights, and how to use less.

Salus iT500 Internet Thermostat

Internet control via PC or Smartphone

The iT500 Thermostat

Replaces your fixed hardwired thermostat and also the timer or programmable part of your heating controller. This unit communicates with the iT500RX Receiver. It can be located anywhere in your home as it is portable and battery powered. 

The iT500RX Receiver

Replaces the switching part of your timer or heating controller that is hardwired to your boiler, pump and 3-way valve. It allows for manual override in the event of failure of your iT500 Thermostat unit.

The iTG500 Gateway

Connects to your router and enables you to control your central heating and hot water controls from outside of your home, via a smartphone or computer.  

The iT300TX Temperature Sensor Transmitter

Replaces the second hardwired thermostat in a two zone heating system. It can be located in any part of the zone as it is portable and battery powered, can also be wall mounted.

(n.b. this sensor is optional so does not come as standard.)

Wave Smart Control


Advanced programming enables the Wave to interact with your boiler and take advantage of clever control features such as load and weather compensation. This ensures that the boiler adapts its performance to meet your heating and hot water preferences and to reflect weather changes, It also enables you to achieve an A+ ErP system efficiency. As a Class 6 weather compensating control, the Wave will boost your system efficiency by 4%, which when combined with a greenstar1 Si, or CDi Compact boiler means you can achieve 98% (A+) efficiency.


Supplied with a pre-set programme that can be easily changed to suit your needs, the wave can 'pair' with up to eight smart devices and automatically senses when people are at home. The Wave is also ideally suited for holiday homes enabling you to remotely bring your property up to temperature before your arrival. In addition, the control includes a holiday setting that switches off your heating system during your away dates but automatically turns it on if the temperature drops, to guard against freezing.


Intuitive and simple to operate through its built-in touch screen or via the free downloadable Wave app, you can manage your heating and hot water from anywhere in the world using an internet connection. The app includes an at-a-glance check of your home's current temperature as well as information on your heating and hot water usage. Even if you temporarily lose internet connection, the Wave continues normal operations by using your last saved settings.


Privacy and data security was a key consideration when the Wave was designed. With the Wave you can be assured that none of your personal data will be shared.

  • Heating and hot water charts to identify potential savings
  • Symbol to indicate when additional savings are being made
  • Achieves an A+ ErP efficiency rating for heating when combined with a Greenstar combi boiler
  • Holiday mode
  • Includes free downloadable App which you can use to manage your heating and hot water anywhere in the world using an internet connection
  • Smart, internet connected programmable control
  • Can be operated using a smart device
  • Data privacy - your data is never shared with anyone else

Digital, Wireless programmers and Room Thermostats

Greenstar Comfort digital programmer

Our Greenstar Comfort control is a twin channel programmer that plugs directly into the boiler.

This control menu is exceptionally intuitive and easy to use while enabling you to become familiar with the system very quickly.

Both the heating and hot water can be programmed to come on and off up to three times a day and this can be set differently for each day of the week to fit in with your routine. The control also automatically adjusts to British summer/winter time.

  • Three adjustable heating and hot water time periods
  • Pre-set heating and hot water programme
  • Clear back-lit display
  • Automatic adjustment to British summer/winter time
  • Easy menu navigation
  • Holiday mode
  • Load Compensation
  • Simple menu navigation
  • Load Compensation feature - allows increased heating efficiency
  • Control heating and hot water 7 days a week.

Greenstar Comfort I

Our Greenstar Comfort I is an intelligent programmer that plugs into the boiler and is supplied with a separate room thermostat.

The thermostat has a load compensation function, which enables the control and the boiler to have an intelligent conversation, delivering a 3% ErP package efficiency increase when fitted with a gas boiler..

The control simply plugs into the boiler and comes pre-paired with the room thermostat which works using wireless communication reducing disruption as there is no need to hard wire it back to the boiler .

  • Three adjustable heating and hot water time periods
  • Pre-set heating and hot water programme
  • Easy menu navigation
  • Clear back-lit display
  • Control heating and hot water 7 days a week.
  • Increased heating system efficiency
  • Heating can be set from a room thermostat

Greenstar Comfort II

Our Greenstar Comfort II combines a programmer, that is usually plugged into the boiler, and a room thermostat so you can access to all control functions at a single, easily accessible location.

The control's functions, allows you to set 6 adjustable heating temperatures per day, can be accessed through a simple menu structure with a minimal amount of steps.

  • Change the temperature at six points over a 24 hour period
  • Three adjustable hot water time periods
  • Programme and control heating and hot water at the room thermostat
  • Easy menu navigation
  • 6 adjustable heating temperatures per day
  • Boiler can be programmed from the room thermostat rather than on the boiler

Salus RT500RF

The RT500RF from SALUS Controls is a stylish and accurate 5/2 or 7-day programmable electronic thermostat with a large, easy to read Liquid Crystal Display (LCD).

Has been specifically designed to be used for both Volt Free and AC heating applications.

Can replace most common residential thermostats and is designed to be used with electric, gas or oil heating control systems.

Unlike ordinary single unit design thermostats, this is a new type of thermostat separating the operational functions into two units. 

The Receiver is used for wiring connections and heat on/off control. The Control Centre provides the user interface and temperature sensing/control. The two units are linked together by a Radio Frequency (RF) signal.

  • Volt free switching option
  • 5/2 or 7-day programming flexibility
  • Built-in startup programming for quick installation
  • Frost protection
  • Large, easy to read LCD with blue backlight
  • Burner on symbol
  • Easy to use programming
  • User friendly

Intelligent wired controls

Greenstar Sense I Intelligent Room Thermostat

The Greenstar Sense I is an intelligent wired thermostat that enables load compensation and will offer savings compared to standard on/off controls.

The control provides the option of a single set point room thermostat for those wanting a simpler, but still highly efficient, way to control their heating.

  • Load compensation feature for increased efficiency
  • Boiler output automatically adjusted to precisely meet the heat demand of the property at maximum efficiency
  • Maximises the condensing boiler’s operation
  • Ideal when replacing an existing, less efficient wired room thermostat

Greenstar Sense II Weather Compensation Control

The Greenstar Sense II, is an intelligent weather compensation controller for those customers that require more from their heating system.

Designed with style and efficiency in mind, the device boasts an attractive back-lit and touch sensitive display, and makes use of the latest technology for maximum comfort and savings

  • Intelligently interacts with the boiler to provide weather compensation via a wired outdoor sensor
  • Solar thermal optimisation in conjunction with MS100 solar module
  • Displays the amount of energy recovered from a solar system
  • Service reminder function
  • Enables an A+ ErP system efficiency to be achieved when installed with any Greenstar i, Si or CDi Compact boiler.

Mechanical Timers

MT10 plug-in mechanical timer

Our MT10 is a simple to use dial control that allows you to set your heating with a start and finish time every day.

  • The simplest Worcester control device for setting heating start and stop times
  • Analogue display

MT10RF mechanical timer

Our MT10RF is a simple to use control that consists of a transmitter and a receiver which communicate wirelessly to each other.

The control allows you to set different temperatures for night and daytime periods.

  • Programmable room thermostat
  • Allows a daily start and finish time temperature to be set for your heating
  • Simple control device for setting heating start and stop time
  • Heating can be set from the control on the wall, no need to access the boiler
  • Mechanical display