Keep your boiler running at peak efficiency with an Annual Service

Your gas boiler is the heart of any central heating system. It is what makes your house a home. It can also bring you an on-demand supply of hot water. Carrying out an inspection on your boiler will not only help keep it running smoothly throughout the year, it may also reduce the risk of a breakdown, as well as helping to prolong the life of your boiler.


What’s covered?

  • A full inspection of the entire chimney structure and where necessary, cleaning of the burner, combustion chamber, any injectors and heat exchanger. Inspection of ignition devices i.e. pilot lights and/or spark and flame sensing electrodes.
  • Checking the integrity of all seals and gaskets.
  • Ensure that any condensate traps and drains are free from debris.
  • Testing the appliance in accordance with manufacturer’s instruction to ensure:
    • the heat input and/or operating pressure are correct.
    • the effectiveness of the flue, that all ventilation requirements are to current standards.
    • the correct operation of all safety devices and that the boiler is safe for continuous use.
  • A final combustion analysis and measurement against tolerances set by the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • A test of all disturbed gas connections. Carry out functional testing of heating and hot water.
  • A visual inspection of any other encountered gas appliances, written notification of any gas safety defect which may affect the safe operation of your appliances.
  • An assessment of your current heating controls and best practice advice regarding energy efficiency.

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