Vaillant ecoTEC Pro Boilers


The ideal combi boiler, designed for ease of use and all round comfort

  • Tried and tested heat exchanger built in high-quality stainless steel meaning increased efficiency, decreased fuel bills
  • Stylish contoured case design with a bright and simple to use backlit display easy operation of the boiler
  • Quiet Mark approved, assuring you of ultra-quiet operation in your home.
  • Which? Best buy 2016 accredited.

Ideal for small to medium homes with average hot water needs

  • ecoTEC pro combination boilers feature a wide modulation of 1:4, for a high level of efficiency with lower fuel bills meaning the boiler can adapt itself to give only the exact heating output you require which ultimately lowers fuel bills. Much like pressing on the gas pedal of your car to adjust power and speed
  • Incorporates a full range of thermostat controls, from simple analogue timers that plug easily into the boiler front to Vaillant vSMART™ app based control
  • Hand assembled in Derbyshire by one operative from start to finish, in our award winning manufacturing plant.
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