Get the Worcester Greenstar Filter with your new Boiler.

Boilers are primarily made of metal which contains large amounts of water that get cycled through copper pipes, and radiators, this causes rust and other debris to form. To prevent this, special chemicals are added into the system to help prevent the majority of debris from building up in a heating system, but ferrous metal sludge needs to be filtered out. By installing a magnetic filter on your central heating flow or return, you can make the process of removal and cleaning easier. What’s more, because the sludge is being trapped and filtered as it’s created, you’re preventing it from circulating through your boiler.

Greenstar System Filter

At the centre of this innovative design is a highly powerful internal magnet that removes the metallic debris that is present in the system heating water. The central location of the magnet within the system filter ensures that magnetite is collected quickly and retained, maximising the overall protection of the heating system. The Greenstar System Filter has been extensively tested in systems proving its effectiveness in removing:
iron oxide,
casting sand,
welding debris,
non-magnetic metal flakes,
paint particles,
other system pollutants.
The filter has been specified, designed and tested to Worcester’s exacting quality standards. For example, the O-rings are specified using the same compounds that are found on our market leading boilers. The robust filter body has been pressure tested to 45 bar. High first pass collection of debris Any non-magnetic debris is caught by the twin-action cyclonic trap, a proven technology that offers a capacity to collect up to 200g of magnetite a year.
Effective cylindrical design The effectiveness of the Greenstar System Filter is based on its innovative cylindrical design, which allows the maximum possible surface area of the magnet to be exposed to the heating system water. This cylindrical shape channels the water in an upwards spinning motion, assisting in the twin-action filtering process, whilst also providing a large capacity for captured system pollutants.
As the diagram demonstrates, the Greenstar System Filter leads system water directly to the highly powerful magnet that is integrated inside. This has the effect of forcing water around the magnet causing the water to move upwards in a cyclonic motion. This motion maximises the contact of the system water with the magnet, whilst also increasing the time that the water remains within the filter. In this process, any magnetic system pollutants or debris will be drawn onto the magnet sheath and will remain there until the filter is cleaned. Non-magnetic debris is forced over the cyclonic trap which has specifically designed surface inlets that allow both small and large particles to be trapped within the base of the filter. Importantly these inlets are designed in-line with the spinning motion of the system water flow, ensuring no particles escape back into the system.